Headband Iris - Wear this creation as a necklace or a bracelet!

XL Feather barrette - a gorgeous hair accessory!

Comb XXL Elvire - Ideal for a messy bun

Emma - The perfect bridal hair accessory

Iris - The must-have fashion accessory

Juliette - A beautiful accessory that's perfect for big events

Romantic Cléopatre barrettes

Headband Colline - Try it out this summer!

XL Feather barrettes

Barrette Lucie

Flower crowns - ideal for summer hairstyles

Cassandre - headband, necklace, and bracelet

Flower crown - light

India - headband, necklace, and bracelet

Hair tutorials

The princess hairstyle, ideal for a bride-to-be or a stylish night out

Les cerises de Mars - Creation & Mise en Scène

Macha, the creator of Les cerises de Mars, designs all of the jewelry collections, is in charge of the brand's visual identity, and is responsible for the look and design of Les cerises de Mars boutiques. Headbands, combs, barrettes, hairbands... she knows it all inside and out. Her desire: to make women everywhere more beautiful and help them assert their style.

Les cerises de Mars - Communication & Development

Aurélie is in charge of the image of Les cerises de Mars and manages the brand and its partnerships to make Les cerises de Mars the must-have brand for upscale hair accessories. Her desire: to have everyone in the world showing off French elegance with their own cerises de Mars!

Our boutique specializing in hair jewelry and other hair accessories

Located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, our Les cerises de Mars boutique is the heart of the brand. Our entire collection of head jewelry, from casual to formal, is on display and created onsite. The bar à coiffures allows you to quickly and easily learn to work a headband into your style with the help of our knowledgeable team.